Unusual Uses For Spray Foam

The can of spray foam in your garage would typically be used to provide insulation in tight spaces within your house. However, there are many more uses for this product that can expand your creativity and fix other areas of your home. Here are a few things you can do with spray foam.

Get Crafty

You can use large chunks of spray foam insulation maryland to make art projects to display yourself or to design with your family. You can sculpt from a mass of it or use it to add texture to a household item you want to give a different look to. If you like to make miniature scenes, you can mold the foam into rocks then spray paint them. You can also add the foam to decorations and artificial floral arrangements to keep the items in place especially if there is a chance they might fall out.

Seal Up Your Home

You can use spray foam in areas other than your attic. If you have a pest problem, you can spray the foam into the cracks of your foundation and in other spots where bugs and other vermin come in. You can also seal up the cracks in your home to keep drafts from getting in and the heat out. This will help your utility costs in the end. If you have plumbing pipes that rattle, you can quiet them by spraying this around them to keep them from shaking as much. There are some forms of foam that you can shoot under your collapsing sidewalk to lift the concrete back into place. If you are moving, you can add the foam to a plastic bag, seal the bag, then press it against the fragile items in your box so that they are transported securely. The foam will mold against the items to protect them.