Top 4 Types of Lighting To Use in Your Home

Lighting the areas in your home allows you to have functional light to be able to see but can also enhance the style of the rooms in your house. Certain lighting emphasizes the architectural detail of your house while other lights provide bright illumination so you can complete tasks. Having a variety of lighting throughout your home offers interest and ambiance.

1. Task Lighting

Task or directional lighting is often seen in kitchens and bathrooms. These can be pendant lights or recessed lights that shine directly onto the workspace so you can see clearly. Choosing a variety of task lights from hudson valley lighting Tampa FL can provide you with the visibility you need to cook in the kitchen or put on makeup in the bathroom.

2. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides a soft glow to the atmosphere in a room. This can be accomplished with a table lamp or floor lamps that shine the light through a shade to diffuse it. The lamps you choose can match your overall aesthetic so they look amazing when they are on or off.

3. Accent Lighting

Wall sconces are a quick and easy way to add accent lighting to the rooms in your home. This type of light is decorative rather than functional, but they add a bit of drama to the style of your decor.

4. General Lighting

Overhead lighting that you turn on with a switch makes up the general lighting in your home. This can be a flush-mount light on the ceiling, pendant lamps or chandeliers.

To achieve the best light design in your home, aim for two to three light sources that provide functional lighting while adding in ambient glows. This enhances the coziness of your space, illuminates the gorgeous areas of your style and optimizes your productivity.…