3 Advantages of LED Lighting This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to install new lights and ornaments throughout your house. As you look for lighting solutions, you might consider using LED lighting Kansas City KS if you never used it before. This option presents a variety of advantages that could benefit your home and your goals for this season.

1. Greater Safety

One potential issue with lighting is heat emittance. While not as dangerous as an open flame, it can still be a potential fire hazard. LEDs emit almost no heat in comparison to more traditional choices, where most of the energy is converted to heat rather than light. Additionally, most other fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which can be toxic to other people and the environment when it is not handled carefully. LEDs do not require this element, so they are safer and easier to dispose of.

2. Increased Efficiency

Energy consumption is another issue with lighting, whether it involves indoor lighting for your living room or Christmas lights and landscaping. Lights consume more energy than needed for light conversion, which is inefficient. LEDs remedy this issue by using only between 25 to 30% of that energy. Additionally, they last up to 25 times more than their counterparts, so you will not have to replace the lighting system as fast. LEDs prioritize efficiency during a season that sees an increase in the use of lights.

3. Application Flexibility

One more advantage provided by LEDs is how versatile they are. These devices are often smaller than the alternatives because they lack the traditional bulbs. This means you will always have more space to combine them with other decorations or set-ups. They can also be adapted for multiple functions, such as reading, security and decoration. Finally, they can function at lower temperatures, making them perfect for holiday lighting.

LED lighting brings multiple benefits to your household such as energy efficiency and safety. The holidays are a perfect time to consider integrating this type of lighting.