Four Simple Tips to Help Avoid a Fire

A fire at a residence or an office can be extremely devastating. Flames may start and spread incredibly quickly, often engulfing an entire structure in mere minutes. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to avoid this sort of catastrophe. Here are four simple tips that may prevent a fire from occurring at a residence or a commercial building.

1. Schedule Regular Inspections

It may be beneficial to schedule chimney and fire extinguisher inspections throughout the year to ensure that everything is in proper working order. If a home is equipped with a fireplace, the chimney may collect debris in the flue, which can result in a fire. Having the chimney cleaned and inspected may stop this from happening. Additionally, it is vital that fire extinguishers are inspected and placed in areas that are easily accessible for residents of a home – or workers at an office.

2. Sprinklers May Be Helpful

Adding a fire sprinkler system to a home or a commercial building may be advantageous. Fire sprinklers are designed to activate when high temperatures are detected due to flames. A sprinkler system can help to douse the flames quickly.

3. Do Not Leave Candles Unattended

While it may seem obvious, it is critical to never leave candles (or a fire in a fireplace) unattended. It may only take a few seconds for objects – such as drapery for example – to ignite if unattended flames are close enough to set the item ablaze. Therefore, if an individual must leave the room – even for a short amount of time – it’s a good idea to make sure that flames are extinguished.

4. Create an Emergency Plan

Finally, occupants of a home and workers at an office may benefit from having an emergency plan if a fire starts. Additionally, education on how to stop a fire in its tracks might be useful for individuals to explore and implement.