How To Choose A Lawn Care Service in Atlanta

Many people think that Atlanta is all concrete and apartment buildings. There are many residential homes in this city with lawns. When a homeowner has a lawn they want to make sure it looks good and is properly cared for. They may want to hire a professional lawn care services to help care for the lawn. These are some things to look for when hiring an Atlanta lawn care service.

Check the Prices

Just because a company offers a low price does not mean they are the best. The same can be true for the most expensive land care service. A person should ask about the services that each company offers and evaluate them in that manner. To save money a person may opt-out of certain treatment that they may not need. A good lawn care service will offer packages so that a person will not have to pay for each service.


It is important to ask the lawn care service about the qualifications and the experience of the staff. The lawn care company should perform background checks before hiring an employee. This is important when they are doing to be sending employees to customers’ home to take care of their own. The company should have a person on staff with an educational background in pest control and fertilizer. They should also use the methods that are the least harmful to the environment. The company should have experience in the field and proper licensing. They need to know about the safety of the products that they use and they should know how to apply it. The company should also operate within the state and federal laws when it comes to using fertilizers and pesticides.


Some companies will mow the lawn and then go. A good lawn care service will offer additional services such as mulching, fertilizing, and even leaf control in the fall. The employees should be polite and respectful at all times. They need to have a professional appearance and they should have the company identification with them at all times.

Organic Lawn Care

There are now many companies that offer organic services. They should be strictly organic if they are offering these services and should follow through on this claim. They need to have some form of certification or accreditation to show that they are organic and have been trained in organic lawn services. The lawn care products that they use should also be green so they will not harm the environment. They should be pet-friendly as well.

Follow the Law

There are laws when it comes to the use of fertilizers. The company should use the fertilizers that do not contain harsh chemicals. They should also be licensed to use certain products and should be upfront about the chemical content of the lawn care products that they use.


Accidents can happen even to professionals. The lawn care company should be fully insured. This will protect the homeowner in case there is an accident and part of their property was damaged and requires repair. This will also protect their employees if they happen to get injured while on the job site. Be sure to get a copy of the insurance to make sure it is in good standing.

These are some things to look for in an Atlanta lawn care service. A person should ask about the company before they begin the job to make sure they are getting trusted and quality service.