How To Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Home Ever Again

Getting locked out of your home is always a frustrating process that can find you losing hours of your day unnecessarily. There are many preemptive measures you can implement to help avoid getting trapped outside of your house. Use some of the ideas listed below to ensure you will always have a way to get into your place.

Make Spare Keys for Loved Ones

Go out of your way to have several spare keys made for trusted friends and family. Aim for loved ones that live close by and are easily accessible by phone. When it comes to where to make keys Orlando and other large cities offer plenty of options. Maintain a list of all of the individuals you have given spare keys to so that you can keep track of who can help you access your home. Always be prepared to request for keys to be returned if you become concerned about an individual’s access for any reason.

Check for Keys Often

Make it a habit to do the 3 Tap Touch before you leave your home. The 3 Tap Touch refers to confirming that you have your keys, your wallet and your phone on you.

Keep Keys in the Same Spot

Always keep your keys in the same location. By keeping your keys in the same place, it will be easy to develop a habit of always grabbing them from that spot when you’re on your way out. Consider always keeping them on a key hook or in a decorative bowl near your door.

Consider Keyless Locks

There are several keyless locks that focus on a keypad entry to gain access rather than the use of a key. Research the various types of electronic locks available if you would rather not worry about leaving your keys behind ever again.

By preparing beforehand, you can help avoid the inconvenience of locking yourself out of your home.