Dealing with Flooding from Natural Disasters

Mother Nature can cause quite a lot of damaging and lasting effects to homeowners. We all enjoy our beautiful days outside when she is cooperating. We like hiking, picnics and spending time in nature but what about when she is volatile and explosive? You might find yourself fortunate enough to live in a region that does not experience these drastic highs and lows but a lot of us know all too well the damage that can be caused.

Coastal, lake and river flooding can cause extensive water damage to homes. People who live in these regions are susceptible to the ever rising water. When rivers crest and spill out into the surrounding towns the damage can be extremely costly. In these situations, regions are sometimes deemed as state of emergency situations and residents are forced to evacuate their homes and businesses. The same is true for ocean coastal regions that can experience hurricanes and storm surges from tropical storms.

Towns built near fault lines are also often damaged due to earthquakes. Earthquakes are especially damaging because they not only cause structural damage from the shaking motion, but they can also create two other well-known natural disasters. Landslides and tsunamis can result from strong earthquakes. A tsunami can result in localized flooding due to the earthquake occurring out in the ocean. When the tectonic plates shift the water is drawn back and then surged forward towards the coastline as a wall of water. Landslides can also result, and dirt and debris can completely eviscerate towns and houses.

Aside from these treacherous natural disasters unfortunate events can also occur that can completely ruin a home. A house fire will cause extensive damage but if your neighbor’s house is on fire your home may experience smoke damage. When the fire department comes to put out the flames the water from the hose will also saturate your home and the home that is on fire. Now your home is suffering from smoke and water damage.

Water damage is especially alarming because mold can begin to grow quickly. You can find any mold remediation st louis mo company near you and in cities all across the country. If your home is unfortunately in a flooded region you will have to wait for the waters to recede before a remediation team can come in and begin making repairs to your home. If your home was the victim of burst pipes, a backed-up drain or water from a fire hose then you can quickly call in a remediation team to begin work. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover the cost of the remediation and repairs once your deductible is met.

Remediation teams are experts and removing all water, mold and smoke damage that has occurred to your home. You can reach out to your insurance company for remediation companies’ recommendations. The remediation process does take time and you may need to find alternative lodging options while the removal and renovations are taking place within your home.